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10 years of SCIENCE CENTER: We take you through the TOP 10 of the last ten years

For ten years, the BODE SCIENCE CENTER has been the trusted partner for information on hygiene, disinfection and infection prevention. Now, the scientific competence centre is being renamed HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER. After the successful integration of BODE Chemie GmbH into the PAUL HARTMANN universe, this is a logical step. The claim remains the same: We research for infection protection.

HARTMANN’s SCIENCE CENTER: Scientific competence centre for infection prevention

The BODE SCIENCE CENTER celebrates its 10th anniversary
BODE/HARTMANN's scientific competence centre is a pioneer in the field of hand hygiene. The focus is on evidence-based solutions for better protection of patients, healthcare workers and consumers. Together with partners from clinical practice, it carries out its own research projects and develops practical solutions for infection prevention. The expert advice team, which can be reached by telephone and e-mail, is the point of contact for questions relating to disinfection management, the use and effect of BODE/HARTMANN products and infection prevention measures. In addition to articles with well-founded information and tips on hygiene measures, the website includes an A to Z pathogen search and a concentrate calculator for the preparation of ready-to-use solutions: The BODE SCIENCE CENTER (BSC), as of 01.06. HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER (HSC), is a lush bundle of information for everyone!
Dr. Heide Niesalla, Head of HSC
"In addition to our professional and scientific expertise, the intensive and direct exchange of knowledge with experts from the field and with our customers is crucial for our success. This is our foundation, which we will continue to rely on and expand in the future."

Happy Birthday! A look back at 10 years of the BSC

We take the anniversary and new look as an opportunity to review the last ten years and the achievements of the SCIENCE CENTER. Welcome to the chronological TOP 10 of the last ten years.


The knowledge platform is online as and offers answers to countless questions about infection prevention and disinfection.

Expert advice: 100,000 questions – 100,000 answers

In addition to the website, the BSC offers personal expert advice. The balance after 10 years is remarkable: professionals and end consumers have received answers to more than 100,000 questions. In terms of quality, scientific know-how and accessibility, the BSC offers a unique service.

Certified eLearning programmes for doctors, nurses and the emergency services

With the online training courses, employees in the health care sector or in emergency services can learn more about the prevention of infections and playfully learn the most important measures for surface and hand hygiene. Always up to date and certified.

Standard operating procedure for peripheral venous catheters

Put research into practice: Together with the Universitätsklinikum Hamburg Eppendorf, the knowledge portal is developing standard operating procedures, or SOPs for short, with hygiene-relevant steps for placing a peripheral venous catheter, which is published in a joint study.

New reprocessing recommendation for tissue dispensers

The devil is in the detail: The contamination of tissue dispensers is investigated and the BSC publishes a reprocessing recommendation.

Launch of the „Observe“ app

The "Observe" app helps to record hand hygiene compliance in health care facilities on a mobile basis and anonymously documents whether hand hygiene is performed at the right moments. Data is automatically evaluated and displayed graphically. And via suitable integrated interface, they can also be automatically imported into the database of the National Reference Centre for Surveillance of Nosocomial Infections (NRZ). This replaces manual steps and saves time.

Novel approaches for better hand hygiene

In cooperation with the University of Ulm, the BODE SCIENCE CENTER at Heidenheim Hospital is developing a psychological approach to improve hand hygiene in hospitals. For the first time, the potential of setting goals and giving feedback is being used and tested at group level.

Launch of the app "My Hygiene SOP" - a virtual assistant for better care

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are an important tool for improving processes and contribute to patient protection. The app "My Hygiene SOP" offers a digital solution for defining, observing and analysing nursing and medical processes.

Hand hygiene and aseptic activities

The HARTMANN SOPs, the BODE dispenser 3 flex and the "Observe" app are part of an "intervention study" conducted at the Charité Berlin. Among other things, these measures can increase hand hygiene compliance before aseptic activities by almost 10%.


The renaming also reflects the merger of BODE Chemie GmbH and the HARTMANN GROUP in name. However, the current scientific focus and the qualitative standard are not affected by this change.
Hungry for knowledge now? Take a plunge into the scientific database of the HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER and learn more about infection control and disinfection!
HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER: Research for infection protection

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