People who inspire us

On all continents, at sea, with ingenuity and
the desire to help: These stories show what
it means to treat hygiene as an act of service.

Every day, we at BODE/HARTMANN research, produce, and communicate to make the world a safer place with our products. Sometimes we meet people who inspire us. We would like to present two of these stories to you – and show how each of us can make a contribution to the well-being of our fellow global citizens.

Martin Leidner: Fighting infection with heart and soul 

Hygienic aid project in Ghana

It started with an e-mail: "Are you interested in helping a hospital in Ghana?" A few months later the hygienist Martin Leidner is on a plane to West Africa - with a plan that will save many lives.

His solution: Improvised disinfectant. Produced according to WHO standards and with a dash of inventiveness. Many approved ingredients are not available in Ghana, so Leidner uses permanently available alternatives so that the teams on site can continue working in the long term. 

The plan is successful: to this day, the infection rates are significantly lower than before Leidner's deployment. 

Jan Lenger: Hygiene in exceptional circumstances 

The second story takes us off the coast of Malta. Jan Lenger, an alumni of HAW Hamburg, is on board the sea rescue vessel Seawatch 3 in 2018. The hygienic conditions are catastrophic. Many people in confined spaces, sea swells, and surfaces that are difficult to disinfect. 

But Lenger comes on board with a solution. He found the right means to significantly improve the hygienic conditions on the Seawatch 3 and used a disinfectant granulate that was able to keep the ship clean without damaging it. This is because most disinfectants attack paint and material - and in the worst case make ships unseaworthy. 

Jan Lenger's efforts paid off: No one on the ship is getting sick. 

Help for Seawatch 3

Become a hero

You don't have to travel around the world to make a difference. Because you can impact your community every day. Through proper hand hygiene - which saves lives in some cases. It’s easy:

Keep your distance -
Whether you’re with friend or a stranger, please be responsible and always keep a distance between yourself and people around you.
Use your elbows -
Not to make your way through crowds, please. But in case you have to sneeze. It’s the best way to not spread any harm to your surroundings.
Wear a mask -
Whenever you go outside and can’t hold the distance, don't forget to wear your mask. This also can minimize the possibility of spreading a potential disease.
Wash your hands often -
With soap, water, and patience – wash your hands for at least 30 seconds and be thorough. It is still the best way to eliminate pathogens on your hands.
Use disinfectants safely. Always read label and product information before use.

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