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Fighting infections together: October 10th
is Clean Hospitals Day

10-10-20-20: What’s behind those numbers

Every year on 05/05 we celebrate the World Hand Hygiene Day. The two fives symbolize the 5 fingers per hand and hence create a date that’s easy to remember.

So, international Clean Hospitals Day which focuses on healthcare environmental hygiene, is on10/10 – since working in healthcare means having both your hands full to keep the surroundings safe and clean and minimize the risk of infection.

Who invented it? The Clean Hospitals 

The Clean Hospitals initiative started it all. They are a young association under the direction of Prof. Didier Pittet, expert of the World Health Organization WHO from the Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety, University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland.

The Organization unites industry, academics, hospitals, government offices and important interest representatives and together they are aiming towards guarding the healthcare system as well as the employees and patients in healthcare.

Big Picture: Who’s in it

On October 10th the very important topic of healthcare environmental hygiene will be put into greater public spotlight. Clean Hospitals ensures that hospitals will be cleaner and safer, and a consistent global understanding of hygiene standards is created.

"Hospital acquired infections are one of the most common complications during a stay due to surgery. Infection prevention is essential when it comes to keeping our patients safe."
This follows a holistic approach including all components related to hygiene in healthcare: surfaces, air, medical waste, reprocessing of medical devices, digitization and many more. No question, hand hygiene has the highest priority in that matter, but it’s always considered in combination with surface hygiene and further measurements, in order to reduce healthcare acquired infections.

BODE/HARTMANN and Clean Hospitals: A mission

Dr. Heide Niesalla, director of the BODE SCIENCE CENTER in Hamburg, points out why she thinks Clean Hospitals extends the mission of BODE/HARTMANN itself perfectly:

For more information see the video interview.

Use disinfectants safely. Always read label and product information before use.

"To do research in order to prevent infections and to develop solutions for a better future in healthcare, that’s the core of BODE/HARTMANN. With our expertise and long-term experience, acquired by our clients’ as well as study partners’ valuable practical knowledge, we support the Clean Hospitals initiative, that starts just there: with creating a safe environment for patients, environmental hygiene workers as well as medical professionals."

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