World Hand Hygiene Day on May 5th

Why hand hygiene is more important today than ever!

Test your knowledge with our quiz and find out when washing your hands is enough and when it is better to disinfect them.

The World Hand Hygiene Day, which the World Health Organisation (WHO) celebrates every year on May 5th, will be commemorating the importance of hand hygiene for the 12th time in 2021 - and it seems more important today than ever before. Because it calls on the whole world to join in and save lives: with clean hands.

In times of the Corona pandemic, we have all become accustomed to masks or distancing rules. And we have also long since internalised regular hand washing in the fight against viruses. Many people also stock up on hand disinfectants for their car or handbag so that they don't have to do without hand hygiene when they are on the move.

Clean hands can save lives

Of course, this applies first and foremost to healthcare workers, who are particularly close to patients on a daily basis. But COVID-19 has made it very clear how essential everyday hygiene is for each of us. It is the responsibility of all of us to protect ourselves and others. Hand washing and hand disinfection are an elementary component of this. A building block that makes all the difference, especially in everyday situations: When we touch our loved ones to provide support and comfort. When we care for relatives or friends. When we are out and about, in the supermarket or on public transport.

To wash hands or disinfect hands?

In private environments, hand washing is sufficient in most situations, the so-called points-of-use. The main purpose is to remove visible dirt and impurities from our hands. The most common recommendations are:

  • after using the toilet
  • before eating or preparing food
  • after blowing your nose
  • before facial care
  • or when coming home

The essential goal of hand disinfection is to eliminate pathogens that can cause infections. These points-of-use also exist in private everyday life, for example:

  • if you or family members have a cold
  • before caring for relatives or friends whose immune system is weakened (e.g. in the case of chronic wounds)
  • before coming into contact with people at risk of infection
  • if there is no clean water to wash your hands
  • after touching an animal that may be sick

Good to know

Sterillium® by HARTMANN has been a classic among hand disinfectants for 55 years.

Remember that hand hygiene has three components: Hand washing, hand disinfection and skin care. Hand disinfection with Sterillium®, for example, directly provides the care components and is also friendly to the skin.

  • broad spectrum of activity against bacteria and many viruses, including coronaviruses
  • gentle to the skin and with caring ingredients
  • portable for on the go use

HARTMANN supports the activities for the World Hand Hygiene Day 2021

HARTMANN does this not only with the corresponding Sterillium® products, but also with a variety of its own campaigns and materials. This includes our little online game around the question: How fit are you when it comes to hand hygiene?

Test your knowledge and find out when hand washing is enough and when it is better to disinfect your hands!
Haven´t quizzed enough yet? Click here for our in-depth quiz on this year's World Hand Hygiene Day.

Join in!

After you have tested your knowledge, it is time to get active

Support HARTMANN's campaign, discuss World Hand Hygiene Day on May 5th with your family and friends - and keep your hands clean to protect yourself and others from potential pathogens!

Are you looking for more information on hand hygiene?

Visit the BODE SCIENCE CENTER or download more materials on the global campaign by the WHO.
Use disinfectants safely. Always read label and product information before use.
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