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Roses are red, Sterillium® is blue …

… and skin friendly, caring, and so much more: Meet the product that has been by our side since 1965. Maybe you’ll learn something new!

The blue bottle is so commonplace in environments of healthcare and safety, we often don’t even realize we’re in the company of an icon. But Sterillium® has lined the halls of many hospitals, emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, and care facilities for most of our lifetimes.

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More than a blue bottle

Sterillium® was brought into the world in 1965 in a time long before gender reveal parties were a thing. Which is convenient because — freed from such normative color conventions — Sterillium® was made for men, women, just everyone!

In fact, speaking of babies, Sterillium® has not only been around for most our lives, it actually plays a critical role in facilitating successful and safe births around the world. The practice of good hand hygiene and limiting the risk of infection has drastically contributed to growing numbers of healthy mothers and babies and the historical decline of maternal death rates in Europe.

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“The urgency of hand disinfection will always remain," was Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis‘, gynaecologist and obstetrician, verdict after his hand disinfection measures in 1847 reduced maternal mortality in the Vienna maternity clinic from almost 19 percent to just under three percent.

But life is more than birth — the world is here to be explored, there are adventures to be had everywhere, and new people to meet wherever we go. Sterillium® is your loyal companion in these moments, too. We have friends all over the world and you can take us with you wherever you go thanks to the Sterillium® Protect & Care line of products that were designed to travel well. Check it out:

And even if you aren’t planning on going anywhere soon, there’s a Sterillium® bottle for that, too. We’re bottle-positive at BODE/HARTMANN and support safe hand disinfection in all shapes and sizes!

But wait, there’s more!

Going beyond superficialities is key to genuine care. Besides that, if you need to disinfect something superficially, there’s a Sterillium® bottle especially designed for disinfecting surfaces, too:

Yes, we’re very enthusiastic about our entire Sterillium® family, but it’s a love that is pure. Call us sensitive, but — wait for it — there’s a bottle for that, too. Sterillium® pure, nothing more:

We know you can’t put love in a bottle, but we tried, and we will continue to try every day.

Use disinfectants safely. Always read label and product information before use.

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