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Sterillium® — A Product Made in Germany

From the ports of Hamburg for the whole world. The history of Sterillium® is that of a German quality brand - with a global reputation.

A remarkable success story that began in the 1960s in Hamburg-Stellingen. How Sterillium® became one of the most successful disinfectants both in Germany and abroad within a few years and generated worldwide euphoria.
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From Hamburg for the World
Hamburg, 1964: High post-operative infection rates prompt the assistant doctor and future professor Peter Kalmár, together with Rolf Steinhagen of BODE Chemie, the HARTMANN GROUP's manufacturing company, to develop a suitable hand disinfectant for surgeons. Thus, the recipe for success of Sterillium® was born, which combines excellent skin compatibility and effective hand hygiene. Bright blue like the river Elbe, Sterillium® is still a reliable brand that people rightly trust: Every year, about 4 billion hand disinfections are performed with the Sterillium® range of products.
"The classic Sterillium® becomes a synonym for alcoholic hand disinfection, which in turn is the worldwide gold standard in infection prevention."

Graduating from the schools of Hamburg to the global market

1995: With Sterillium® Virugard, the first virus-effective, alcoholic hand disinfectant, BODE succeeds with another innovation on the market.

Keeping a firm grip on the market for hand products

2007: Sterillium® classic pure, one of the first colorless and fragrance-free hand disinfectants is introduced. And BODE becomes market leader in the German disinfectant market with a market share of over 50% in hand products.

Sterillium® conquers the digital world

2019: Thanks to the digital solutions of the BODE SCIENCE CENTER, the makers of Sterillium® are completely App-to-Date: With the Observe APP for compliance measurement of hand hygiene, and the App My Hygiene SOP for optimized care processes.

55 years of Sterillium® - A timeless classic

2020 - and in the future: infection prevention plays a major role in our globalized society. We encounter the blue bottle everywhere in our everyday lives and make a decisive contribution to the fight against infectious diseases.
Use disinfectants safely. Always read label and product information before use.

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