It’s a Blue World

This year's trend is clearly: blue. And the best thing about it? It is not just practical, but also protects us.

The number one trend color this year is clearly blue! Everywhere you look, it shines back at you. Why is this good news? Blue is the color of hope, of the sea and, as of this year at the latest, of the heart. Because our blue Sterillium® bottle has one task: to guide you and your fellow human beings safely through everyday life. So that you and your loved ones are well. And it also makes things easy for us: Sterillium® fits in any pocket, is handy and above all - safe.
Icon of hands forming heart

The „new normal“

Wherever you look, the first thing you notice is hand sanitizer. As soon as you enter a store or arrive at a train station. Small bottles of disinfectant adorn dashboards in cars and are pulled out of every handbag or jacket pocket. Suddenly, it's quite normal to disinfect your hands on the subway or in a restaurant.

After all, being on the road now also means leaving your safe home and exposing yourself to potential pathogens. It's a balancing act between concern and the desire to maintain a bit of normalcy even at these challenging times. Sterillium® helps with that.

Hope is blue

In addition to all the warranted grief, there are voices that concede positive side effects to the - let's call it - "upheaval" of this year. Without airplanes, the sky appeared clearer than it has been in a long time. And a great many of us can't remember a time when we had to deal with ourselves so much. That certainly wasn’t always easy, but it was important. Maybe instead of "had to" we should say "were allowed to". Because suddenly there was time to take a breath of fresh air and to concentrate on ourselves. What is good for me? What do I do with myself when I can't distract myself with other things 24 hours a day? How do I keep myself healthy? And in this context and year above all: How do I keep others healthy?

With our blue companions, we not only protect ourselves, but also others. We like to keep masks and distance and we know that by doing so, we are above all protecting our fellow human beings. Not just the elderly who belong to the risk group. After all, sitting next to you on the subway could also have a chronic illness that is not immediately obvious.

When we disinfect our hands, we protect ourselves and ultimately the people with whom we are in constant contact. Because by keeping ourselves healthy, we can continue to be there for our loved ones.

In doing so, you are also a hero to others. And if there's one thing we've learned from the movies, it's this: heroes always win in the end.

Illustration of people standing behind a Sterillium® bottle that is wearting a superhero’s cape – together we are strong.
Use disinfectants safely. Always read label and product information before use.

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