Clapping hands for Sterillium® winning “Brand of the Century” 2019 Clapping hands for Sterillium® winning “Brand of the Century” 2019

Outstanding: Sterillium® is once again “Brand of the Century”

And the winner is: Sterillium®

For the second time in a row, our hand disinfectant Sterillium® was named "Brand of the Century". A very special honor that encourages us at HARTMANN in our fight against dangerous pathogens and for more safety in the healthcare sector.
Award Logo Brand of the Century: Sterillium® 2019 German Standards
The award was presented on November 14, 2019 by Tempus Corporate, a ZEIT Publishing company. The nominated brands are evaluated according to strict criteria: For example, the brand's age, its internationality, or its entry into the German language are decisive factors. Sterillium® scored highly in a number of categories. After all, since its market launch in 1965, as the world's first marketable alcohol-based hand disinfectant that was also highly effective and gentle on the skin, it has set the standard for hand disinfection and, time and again, new standards for hygiene itself.
Gian Carlo Sciuchetti, Managing Director of BODE Chemie and Head of HARTMANN's Disinfection Business Division
Gian Carlo Sciuchetti, former Managing Director of BODE Chemie and Head of HARTMANN's Disinfection Business Division, is convinced that the winning formula lies in the interplay of "active research, high quality and a deep understanding of users' needs". According to Sciuchetti, this forms the basis for innovative solutions that continuously help to prevent infections.

Today, our Sterillium® products are applied up to 4 billion times a year. Millions of people rely on the safety and quality that the product delivers. In particular, Germany's hospitals continue to place their trust in the brand - a strong indication that it is also effective, especially in the fight against dangerous pathogens.

Since its market launch in 1965, Sterillium® has always remained true to its commitment to quality - but at the same time has never shied away from further development in order to meet the respective requirements of its time safely and effectively.

History in the making

From Hamburg out into the world: Every day, about 47 tons of Sterillium® leave the plant of the pharmaceutical manufacturer BODE Chemie GmbH in Hamburg-Stellingen. From here, a professional product for (hand) hygiene reaches the entire world - Sterillium® is a global player. A milestone in hygiene that was marked more than 50 years ago: When Sterillium® entered the market in 1965.
Hungarian physician Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis
The struggle for humane hygienic conditions has always been tough. As early as the 19th century, the Hungarian physician Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, known as the "savior of mothers", urgently requested that doctors wash their hands before every examination. However, it took another 100 years before the right product was found for this purpose.
In 1965, the young Peter Kalmár, who was at the time an assistant surgeon at the University Hospital in Hamburg, developed the solution together with experts from the Bacillolfabrik Dr. Bode & Co.: Sterillium®, the world's first alcohol-based yet skin-friendly hand disinfectant that could be rubbed into hands without the need for prior washing, additives or other measures.
Peter Kalmár
Sterillium® bottle in 1965
On June 4, 1965, the first bottles of Sterillium® rolled off the production line and changed the daily routine of clinicians, nurses and doctors for good. Since that day, there has been no way around the disinfection classic. The strong and unmistakable presence of the brand is also reflected in the idea to dye Sterillium® blue and fill it in a characteristic bottle.

On the best path: Sterillium® always sets new hygiene milestones

Since its market launch, Sterillium® has always set new hygiene standards and adapted to the needs of the time. Sterillium® Virugard, for example, introduced a highly effective hand disinfection specifically for high-risk areas in 1995. This was followed by Sterillium® classic pure, the dye- and fragrance-free variant, and Sterillium® med, a comprehensively effective hand disinfectant for routine disinfection for norovirus prophylaxis. And last but not least, Sterillium® Protect & Care, a separate product family for the consumer market, was recently added to the product portfolio.
Four Sterillium® products that have set new hygiene standards: Sterillium® Viruguard, Sterillium® classic pure, Sterillium® med and Sterillium® Protect & Care
Use disinfectants safely. Always read label and product information before use.

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