Photo of two hands applying Sterillium® foam extra care Photo of two hands applying Sterillium® foam extra care
Ready for a new kind of hand disinfection?

Sterillium® foam extra care: disinfection with that extra bit of skincare

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For many people, the name Sterillium® has become synonymous with effective and skin-compatible hand disinfection. But we’re not resting on our laurels. Since the brand was founded in 1965, we have been committed to continuously improving our products. And now it's time for another innovation: "Sterillium® foam extra care" – our new hand disinfectant with a modern skincare compound and innovative foam texture.
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Frequent hand washing can irritate the skin - especially if care is neglected.

Today, almost every child knows that if you want to protect yourself from contagious diseases such as 'flu or gastrointestinal infections, you should wash your hands regularly. What often gets forgotten, however, is proper skincare. Without it, regular handwashing can result in dry, irritated, and cracked hands and, in the worst cases, even inflammation.

Especially in the health sector, where employees wash and disinfect their hands several times a day, this problem is widely prevalent. Skin diseases are among the most common occupational diseases in healthcare and commonly, irritated hands are due to frequent washing and insufficient skincare [1].

But healthcare workers are not the only ones who suffer with this problem. Especially in winter, when the skin is additionally irritated by low temperatures and at the same time, proper skincare is lacking, many people complain about dry, cracked hands.

Sterillium® foam extra care: For noticeable skincare

This is where our latest innovation - Sterillium® foam extra care - comes into play. As a brand, Sterillium® has focused on a balance of high efficacy and good skin compatibility since the beginning. In more than 55 years, we have constantly improved our products and added new ones to the brand with this careful balance in mind. And now, Sterillium® foam extra care is our newest addition to our hand disinfection family.
A bottlle of Sterillium® foam extra care

Extra skincare thanks to jojoba oil and vitamin E

Jojoba bush with fruit
The oil of the jojoba plant has been used for centuries.

What’s so special about our new foam-based hand disinfectant is that during development we placed even more emphasis on the aspect of skincare. This is particularly evident in the natural jojoba oil and vitamin E, a modern skincare compound, which further enhances the caring properties of Sterillium® foam extra care.

The oil of the jojoba bush, for example, native to Mexico and California, has been used for centuries for its moisturizing and skin-smoothing properties [2]. The vitamin E we use in the new Sterillium® foam extra care also makes a vital contribution to skincare: Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect and helps the body to protect itself from the destruction of unsaturated fatty acids. Simply put, the vitamin also helps strengthen the skin's natural barrier [3].

Scientifically proven skin compatibility

One of the most important indications for the nurturing properties of a hand disinfectant is the degree of skin moisture produced: The more moist the skin after application, the better. This is exactly what we investigated in a study with participants who applied Sterillium® foam extra care 20 times a day over a period of two weeks.

Two test methods were used to determine skin hydration before and after the test phase. Firstly, so-called Capacitive Contact Imaging (CCI), based on modern fingerprint sensor technology, and secondly, corneometry, which measures the alternating current resistance of the upper skin layers [4]. Both test methods showed Sterillium® foam extra care significantly increased skin hydration of the study participants and that the improvements were still noticeable one day after the final application [5].

In addition to determining the level of skin moisture, the test subjects were also dermatologically examined before and after application. The result: The number of participants who showed redness, dryness, or scaling significantly decreased after the test phase, and the severity of symptoms was also reduced. Sterillium® foam extra care is, therefore, ideally suited for sensitive skin [6].

Infographic showing the skin compatibility of Sterillium® foam extra care

At a glance: How your hands benefit from Sterillium® foam extra care

  • pH-neutral: Sterillium® foam extra care maintains the skin's natural pH value.
  • Very good skin compatibility: Sterillium® foam extra care is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • No flavours: Sterillium® foam extra care contains no microplastics and is free of colourants and perfumes that can cause allergies.
  • Pleasant skin feeling: 100 % of the test participants stated the product gave them a soft and silky skin feeling.
An outstretched hand
Sterillium® foam extra care is free from dyes and perfumes and is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

Pleasant application

Sterillium® foam extra care rubbed between the fingers of two hands

Another key advantage of Sterillium® foam extra care is its application form. Compared to conventional hand disinfectants, Sterillium® foam extra care is very easy to spread on the skin due to its fine-pored foam texture, meaning it instantly provides a smooth feeling without being sticky.

In addition, when compared to liquid products, it has the advantage that it drips less and as a result reduces the risk of mess stains on clothing or furniture greatly.

No compromise on efficacy

With all the innovations in application as well as the improved skin compatibility, there is one more aspect that should not be forgotten: Just like all other Sterillium® products, the new foam version of Sterillium® foam extra care also offers comprehensive protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi in 15 seconds. What’s more, the product works reliably within 30 seconds, in accordance to EN 1500 for hygienic hand disinfection. Even in the cold months, you have optimal protection against a range of pathogens.

Whether you work as a nurse and have to disinfect your hands several times a day despite sensitive skin, or you are simply looking for an everyday product to disinfect your hands simply and easily without stickiness or drips: Sterillium® foam extra care is ideal for healthcare workers and everyday use.

Application of Sterillium® foam extra care in a hospital
Sterillium® foam extra care is suitable for use in everyday life as well as in the healthcare sector.


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