Illustration: Sterillium® product family Illustration: Sterillium® product family

Get to know our Sterillium® product family

A look at the development of the experts of the hygiene world

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May we introduce: the Sterillium® product family
Sterillium® has been a respected brand with high quality standards for over 55 years. Its product range extends from fragrant and blue to gel or allergy-friendly – for private use or in the healthcare sector. It's easy to get lost in the crowd. That's why we would like to introduce you to the members of the Sterillium® family – or as we prefer to call them: the experts of hand hygiene. We explain how they differ and for what situation each product is especially suited.

Before we get to the details ...

... a few tips that can help you choose the right hand disinfectant.

In general, your personal needs and preferences play the biggest role when choosing a hand disinfectant. A propanol-based hand disinfectant may feel better on your skin than an ethanol-based product, or vice versa. This is completely subjective. Or you like your perfume or after-shave and don't want to use a product whose scent conflicts with it. Then an odourless product is the better choice for you. The most important thing is: no matter which properties you prefer, you don't have to sacrifice quality with any of our products.

Furthermore, the members of the Sterillium® family differ in their spectrum of microbiological activity (i.e. in their range of efficacy) – although all are highly effective against coronaviruses due to their high alcohol content. In other words, the entire product family protects against bacteria (bactericidal), yeasts (levurocidal), mycobacteria (tuberculocidal and mycobactericidal), enveloped viruses (limited virucidal) as well as against the non-enveloped Noro-, Rota- and Adenoviruses (limited spectrum of virucidal activity). More information about the Sterillium® spectrum of efficacy and the different types of viruses can be found here.


Illustration: Sterillium® bottle

Royal blue and noble fragrance

Classic Sterillium® stands for alcohol-based hand disinfection and infection prevention. The brand was developed in 1965 as the world's first alcohol-based hand disinfectant proven to be highly effective yet gentle on the skin. It is the perfect companion for anyone in healthcare or caring for relatives.

  • Propanol-based
  • Broad spectrum of efficacy, including limited spectrum of virucidal activity
  • Very kind to the skin as well as moisturising due to the skin care complex
  • Classic blue colour and typical Sterillium® fragrance
  • First hand disinfectant approved for surgical hand disinfection with a shortened contact time of only 1.5 instead of 3 minutes (2005)

Sterillium® classic pure & Sterillium® pure

Illustration: Sterillium® classic pure and Sterillium® pure

Classic icons without the pomp

These two professional hand disinfectants are further developments of the classic product. However, they differ from the original in one decisive factor: Both are dye- and fragrance-free and therefore highly suitable for sensitive or allergic skin. Just right for those who require the proven skin care complex but don't want the characteristic fragrance. Both products have the typical blue bottles – but the liquids themselves are dye-free.

  • Propanol-based
  • Broad spectrum of efficacy, including limited spectrum of virucidal activity
  • Particularly suitable for people with allergies: dye- and perfume-free
  • Due to the skin care complex, very skin-friendly and lipid-replenishing and therefore suitable for sensitive skin
  • Sterillium® pure is also ECARF-certified and the first proven liquid anti-allergic hand disinfectant for sensitive skin, asthmatics, and atopics

Sterillium® med

Illustration: Sterillium® med

High protection but with ethanol

Sterillium® med combines some of the above-mentioned advantages of our hand disinfectants and relies on a highly effective formulation with 85% ethanol. With the full virucidal activity*, this product successfully inactivates the most common causes of virus-related outbreaks. Sterillium® med is the ideal hygienic disinfection partner in the ward for year-round use.

  • Ethanol-based
  • Broad spectrum of efficacy, including full virucidal activity* and fungicide
  • Particularly suitable for people with allergies: dye- and perfume-free
  • Skin-friendly and lipid-replenishing due to skin care complex, making it suitable for sensitive skin

*according EN 14476. Limited spectrum of virucidal activity according German VAH testing

Sterillium® Tissue

Illustration: Sterillium® Tissue

Compact companion for travelling or at the workplace

The practical hand disinfection wipe for on-the-go, suited for all health care professions requiring a hygiene plan, such as physicians or kindergartens. Designed for use when liquid disinfectant is not the most practical solution. Universal and can be used everywhere – at the workplace or when travelling.

  • Reliably acts against bacteria, yeast fungi and enveloped viruses
  • Gentle on the skin due to moisturising substances and skin protection components
  • Practical for on-the-go

Sterillium® Protect & Care hand disinfectant gel

Illustration: Sterillium® Protect & Care range

Family-friendly helper for every day

The Sterillium® Protect & Care disinfectant gel for hands is suitable for daily private use. The gel consistency of this product makes it family-friendly: nothing can leak when on-the-go. Special advantage: The gel can be taken on an airplane, making it the ideal travel companion.

  • Ethanol-based
  • Broad spectrum of efficacy, including limited spectrum of virucidal activity
  • Remove 99.99% of germs
  • Dye-free; includes skin care complex, thus skin-friendly, moisturising, and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Higher viscosity (gel form)
  • Especially suitable for private use

The HARTMANN Protect & Care product range includes two other family-friendly products for private use: Sterillium® Protect & Care wash lotion and surface disinfection wipes.

Something for everyone

The Sterillium® product family offers the right product to protect yourself and your loved ones in any situation. For more information on the right product for you, contact your local pharmacy or explore our product portfolio on our website.

“HWG-Pflichttexte” for our Sterillium® range in English and German, also below in the footer.

Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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