In the lead up to Sterillium’s® 55th birthday on June 4th, we reflect on what really goes into every blue bottle.

One full day dedicated to the unsung hero that is our dominant hand. Morning to night — this is a hand’s diary.

Use antibiotics cautiously: Antibiotic resistance campaigns in November 2020

Healthcare professional administering antibiotics to the patient

Sterillium® — A Product Made in Germany

Map of the world with Germany standing out

This year's trend is clearly: blue. A tribute to the new hero of our everyday life, Sterillium®.

This year’s trend: blue. Blue face masks and blue hand desinfectant.

For the second time in a row, our hand disinfectant Sterillium® was named "Brand of the Century".

Clapping hands for Sterillium® winning “Brand of the Century” 2019


Woman with safety goggles in a lab looks into a tablet

We’re bringing you helpful tips for World Hand Hygiene Day

Girl with phone in her hands

These inspiring stories show what it means to treat hygiene as an act of caring and helping others

October 10th is Clean Hospitals Day

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