Young people dancing at a festival Young people dancing at a festival
Staying safe during summer

Why hygiene at large events remains important

Hygiene at large events
Festivals, outdoor concerts, football matches: Summer is in full swing and we can finally enjoy events again. After more than two years of the pandemic, however, many people still feel a bit uneasy standing close together in a crowded football stadium or storming the dance floor with complete strangers at music festivals. Corona is not quite behind us yet, it seems.

Hygiene measures at events remain important

In January and February 2022 [1], global infection rates reached their highest levels since the beginning of the pandemic. After returning to a relativly low level, the infection rates in summer 2022 are still higher than in 2020 and 2021.

And the virus is still infecting hundreds of thousands of people around the world. In Germany alone, for example, there are still several thousand new Corona infections every day [2].

It thus remains important that we play it safe when it comes to hygiene. This is especially true at large events. When thousands of people come together in confined spaces to celebrate, not only each individual should observe the recommended protective and hygienic measures – organisers must do this as well.

Planning safe events: hygiene from an organisational perspective

Munich's Allianz Arena shows how this can be done. Together with HARTMANN, the venue has set up a comprehensive hygiene concept that offers the greatest possible safety for football fans, stadium employees and clubs.
The Allianz Arena in Munich

Providing opportunities for hand disinfection

The heart of the hygiene concept: over 400 disinfection dispensers distributed throughout the entire stadium. Whether in the stands, toilet facilities, fan shop or players' cabins, the disinfection dispensers allow everyone to disinfect their hands quickly and easily throughout FC Bayern München's home stadium. With its broad spectrum of efficacy, Sterillium® Gel pure provides effective protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses.
Illustration of the Allianz Arena with overview of the locations of the disinfection dispensers
With over 400 disinfection dispensers, HARTMANN has declared war on viruses and bacteria in the Allianz Arena.

Surface disinfection: Effective protection against germs

Even if protection against the Corona virus is still the focus of attention when planning major events, a good hygiene concept is sensible regardless of the pandemic. After all, many other pathogens can be spread at football matches, concerts or festivals.

A quick reminder: The best friend of viruses, bacteria and co. are surfaces that many people touch. These may be stair railings in stadiums or porta-potty door handles at festivals. And since pathogens are most often transmitted via the hands [3], extensive surface disinfection in areas we frequently touch is important too.

In the Allianz Arena, for example, stadium staff use HARTMANN Bacillol® 30 Sensitive Tissues on many surfaces. These material-friendly rapid disinfection wipes disinfect a wide variety of surfaces - quickly, easily, and above all, effectively.

Cheering people in the stadium.
Frequently touched surfaces pose a particularly high risk of infection

Protecting yourself and others: Hygiene from the perspective of visitors

For everyone to be safe and have fun together in stadiums or at festivals, it is not only up to the organisers, but also to visitors to protect themselves and others. Fortunately, much can be achieved here with little effort, as one of the most important ways to prevent infections is by thoroughly washing your hands. Easy, isn't it?
Several people wash their hands in a public toilet.

Hand disinfection “on the go”

Unfortunately, when visiting large events, people do not always have access to toilets with running water and soap. Regular festival-goers can tell you a thing or two about this. But not even theatres or museums always provide good opportunities for washing one's hands.

In such situations, disinfectants such as Sterillium® Protect & Care Disinfection Gel Hands or Sterillium® Protect & Care Disinfection Tissues Hands can help, as they fit easily into your pocket and can be taken everywhere. So before biting into your burger the next time you go to an open-air concert, why not disinfect your hands first.

People dancing at a festival
Besides washing your hands, you can use disinfectant.

Surface disinfection – when useful

Of course you don't have to disinfect every table or doorknob before touching it. Washing or disinfecting your hands thoroughly is usually sufficient. In some cases, however, it may be useful to disinfect certain surfaces at events.

The best example of this is our smartphones, which are often full of germs. That's why it's a good idea to wipe your mobile phone with a surface disinfectant such as Sterillium® Protect & Care Disinfection Tissues Surface every now and then, especially at events like concerts and festivals. Better yet: leave it in your pocket and just enjoy the music. We promise you won't miss a blurry video of your favourite band later.

Woman disinfects surface of mobile phone.
Mobile phone surfaces can easily collect germs. Disinfection is thus advised.


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