On the 120th anniversary of his death

Sterillium® dedicates a
walk to Max von
Pettenkofer (1818 -1901)

On tour with Pettenkofer in Munich

A stroll through Munich will show how important the hygienist was for the development of our cities and society

Although most of us didn’t want to believe it, the Corona pandemic did not miraculously come to an end on New Year's Eve. No, even in the relatively new year of 2021, we feel the ongoing and omnipresent effects of the global pandemic and the measures to contain it in our everyday lives. For instance, the walk is once again enjoying renewed popularity as our only pastime.

Join us on the trail of Max von Pettenkofer in Munich. On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of his death on February 10, 2021, we will show you a new route where you can learn something about the important hygienist and pioneer.
Over the course of 3 stops and 36 minutes, we draw a little closer to the life and legacy of the hygiene hero.
                                                                        Max von Pettenkofer´s Munich As an important part of infection control from Germany and around the world, we at Sterillium® stand for people who paved the way for us and strive to always keep their legacy in mind. One of these figures is Max von Pettenkofer, whom we would like to get a little closer to on a walk.

A monument to hygiene and a future for us all

Max von Pettenkofer is a hero to Sterillium®

... and for you, too. As we look back on the history of hygiene, we realise that we ourselves are at a historic moment. It is now up to us to protect our city and our fellow human beings — not to stagnate, but to follow the paths that Pettenkofer cleared, out of Munich and into the world. In a global pandemic, it is not chemists, hygienists, scientists and nurses alone who become heroes, but all of us. We can all make a contribution by paying attention to correct hygiene measures and proper hand disinfection. Sterillium® can help us with that.
The Max von Pettenkofer-Institute in Munich The Max von Pettenkofer-Institute in Munich
The Max von Pettenkofer-Institute in Munich
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Munich Clinic Lecture Hall Munich Clinic Lecture Hall
On the Pettenkofer-Tour through Munich
Max von Pettenkofer’s burial site in Munich
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The Pettenkofer Street in Munich The Pettenkofer Street in Munich
The Pettenkofer Street in Munich
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The Alter Südfriedhof in Munich The Alter Südfriedhof in Munich
In the Alter Südfriedhof at the grave of Max von Pettenkofer

Max von Pettenkofer (1818 - 1901)

Germany’s first hygienist

Pettenkofer defined and established the science of hygiene. He established hygiene as an independent field of medicine and also recognized related economic aspects. He developed a health technology that was used, for example, in the redevelopment of Munich. Munich owes its sewage system and centralized drinking water supply to Pettenkofer.
Portrait Max von Pettenkofer
Max von Pettenkofer
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