Many smartphones are contaminated with viruses and bacteria Many smartphones are contaminated with viruses and bacteria
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These are the everyday objects with the most
viruses and bacteria

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The taps on the public toilet, the handle in the underground or the touch screen at the ticket machine – everyone knows that viruses and bacteria can be found on these surfaces. But what about inside our own four walls? How germ-laden are our everyday companions and on which objects are most microorganisms found?

This is why surface disinfection is a useful additional measure

Taps, pet toys and similar items are not only our daily companions, but also real places for germs to collect. Many fungi, viruses and bacteria can survive for considerable amounts of time on the surfaces of such objects, spread via hands or dust particles and thus become a risk of infection. On dry, lifeless surfaces, for example, flu viruses can survive for up to two days. Streptococci even have a lifespan of up to 6 months [4].

As a rule, normal cleaning is sufficient to remove bacteria and viruses. However, if there are ill or immunocompromised people in the household, it may be useful to disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched, such as taps, light switches or door handles. For a surface disinfectant to be fully effective, however, you should use a suitable product and follow the manufacturer’s directions and instructions for use.

Surface disinfection in everyday life: easier than you think!

Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces thoroughly on a regular basis when necessary may sound like a lot of work, but with the right products, it's easier than you think.
Meet the Sterillium® Protect & Care family
Two of our everyday heroes are Sterillium® Protect & Care Disinfection Spray Surface* and Sterillium® Protect & Care Disinfection Tissues Surface*. Both products belong to the Sterillium® Protect & Care family. They offer optimal germ protection both at home and on the go. These products combine fast efficiency with high material compatibility and even enable gentle disinfection of sensitive and delicate surfaces such as the touch screens of smartphones and tablets, keyboards, or acrylic glass. In this way, you can get your everyday companions safely clean in no time and remove bacteria and viruses in a targeted manner.


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*Use disinfectants safely.
Always read label and product information before use.

Please amend in accordance with local requirements (e.g. law of advertising, product status, CLP labeling).

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