Sterillium bottle in front of sky with suggested rainbow Sterillium bottle in front of sky with suggested rainbow
Why is Sterillium® blue?

A colourful journey through fun facts and reveries

Sterillium Hands

Blue World

The truth is, the colour of our iconic bottles is quite simple to explain.

When the first bottle of Sterillium® rolled off the production line in Hamburg 56 years ago, its emblematic composition was undoubtedly the foundation of a bright future for hand hygiene. The idea to colour Sterillium® blue and fill it in very characteristic bottles initially served to make it unmistakable. The colour blue radiates calm and confidence - two characteristics that Sterillium® carries within itself and into the world.

But what if there is much more than really good marketing behind the blue colour of Sterillium®? Come along on a journey that uncovers the deep blue secrets of an icon.

And then something unforgettable happened…
Completely captivated by the blue, the little Sterillium® bottle follows the river and becomes lost in musings. She thinks of everything that is blue and that could possibly be connected to her. The indigo blue jeans are a reliable classic, an icon of the 1960s - just like Sterillium®. Under the light, finely cut diamonds sparkle in blue, so do little checkmarks under delivered love messages on a mobile phone display, roses are red, but forget-me-nots are blue - and if taking care of proper hand hygiene with Sterillium® is not a grand gesture of love, then we have already forgotten what this story is actually about...
Illustration Sterillium® bottle in sunny field of forget-me-nots

Use disinfectants safely. Always read label and product information before use.

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