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Stay safe

At BODE/HARTMANN, we understand our responsibility and role in the global struggle for better hygiene. Our efforts include supporting infection prevention in healthcare environments, supplying disinfection to healthcare institutions and helping to find new ways to provide safe environments for everybody. These times are unlike any other and we stand by our customers’ sides. In health care and at home.

Use disinfectants safely. Always read label and product information before use.

Sterillium®: our mission is to make life safer

We have provided the world with one of the most universally known disinfectants since 1965. Sterillium® is dedicated to a better patient safety, healthier work environment, safer lives of health care professionals, and the well-being of your loved ones at home. This is what makes us proud to serve you. This page is designed to keep you updated on our activities, to share stories that inspire us, and to answer your most relevant questions.

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Why we care

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The most important part of Sterillium® is the science and the people around our product. Those that work every day to improve its effectiveness, secure its quality and research for infection prevention. As well as the ones using it to protect the lives of others – the lives of you and your loved ones.

How we care

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Fighting for patient safety and preventing infections has remained our mission since 1965. But the story behind our blue bottle is not quite so static. Every day, we aim to improve our impact on infection prevention and a better hygiene around the world.

What we can do for you

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We try to answer your most important needs right away or guide you in the right direction.

What is Sterillium®?

Sterillium® is an alcoholic hand disinfectant with a proven and successful track record that spans 50 years. Its reliable antimicrobial effectiveness and excellent skin-friendliness make it stand out. The disinfectant is comprehensively effective against bacteria, yeast fungi and enveloped viruses and is especially skin-friendly and moisturizing. It increases skin moisture with regular use and has excellent skin compatibility even with long-term use. The effects of Sterillium® are immediate. Learn more about Sterillium® here.

Do I need Sterillium® at home and where can I get it?

In general, you can maintain good hand hygiene at home by simply washing your hands with soap and water and drying them well afterwards. Sterillium® is an effective disinfectant that is needed most in healthcare environments and is provided to these institutions accordingly. When our supply allows it, Sterillium is also made available to private persons in pharmacies and drug stores. Our team of professionals has compiled a comprehensively informative resource which addresses the concerns and questions of individuals who feel they require a high-strength disinfectant at home. We assess that need and offer explanations where we can in the following.

How often do I have to disinfect my hands to protect myself?

We generally recommend a risk-based and event-related hand hygiene, e.g. after contact with infected individuals, or after contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. Keep in mind that you need an appropriate amount of disinfectant solution to moisten your hands completely for 30 seconds and do not forget your fingertips and thumbs.
The WHO recommends the use of alcohol-based hand disinfectants or regular and thorough hand washing, also in relation to the outbreak of the coronavirus. In addition, you should avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth and protect against infection by coughing and sneezing into the crook of your arm (coughing and sneezing etiquette) as well as keeping your distance from infected individuals.